Developing international registry core sets for the monitoring and evaluation of bariatric surgery( Survey deadline 26 may 2021)

Dear Colleague,  I am writing to invite you to take part in an important survey to establish key information for bariatric surgery registries.

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) have set up a global registry project to allow for monitoring and comparisons of obesity and bariatric surgery on an international level with the aim of improving patient care. Agreed standardised sets of information, also known as ‘core sets‘, are needed to allow these comparisons. To develop these core sets, consensus among expert health professionals working in the field of bariatric surgery is needed on the minimum critical information to measure in the registry.

The first stage of this consensus process is a prioritisation (Delphi) survey which IFSO, together with the University of Bristol in the UK, have developed. The survey will involve completing two questionnaires one month apart. The first questionnaire is available HERE.

The survey is voluntary; if you decide to take part, I encourage you to complete the first questionnaire by Wednesday 26th May, 2021. Those who complete the first questionnaire will receive an invitation to complete the second questionnaire a few weeks after completing the first. Each questionnaire should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

I hope you will consider taking part in this important project to help improve the monitoring and evaluation of bariatric surgery on a global level.

Kind regards,

Lilian Kow
President of IFSO